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Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Having A Marketing Budget For The Business Is Not Enough But What Matters The Most Is That Investing Those Bucks In The Right Place At The Right Time. To Add Further, It Is A Tough Decision To Make For Any Type Of Business Whether A Long Running Firm Or An Emerging One To Choose The Correct And Precise Marketing Strategy.

The Reason Why This Is A Tough Call As There Are Majority Of People Whose Lives Revolve Around Electronic Gadgets And The Internet. While, There Are Some People Who Are Oblivious Of This Growing Technology And Electronic Gadgets.

Therefore, It Becomes Most Important For An Organisation To Invest These Money In The Correct Direction Which Is Either In Traditional Marketing Or Digital Marketing. There Are Some Important Points Which Need To Be Taken To The Consideration When It Comes To Any Of The Two Mentioned Marketing Strategies. To Be More Precise, If You Choose Digital Marketing For The Publicity Purpose Then, It Becomes Your Prime Responsibility To Apply Appropriate Digital Marketing Strategies Which Includes A Perfect Combination Of Graphic Designing, SEO And a Strong And Convincing Content. Which Can Definitely Be Provided By Firms Like Tsocio Digisol llp. On The Other Hand, If You Go With Traditional Marketing Strategies Then You Need To Keep In Mind Its Pros And Cons.

To Help You With This Dilemma On The Two Methods Of Marketing, Here Are Some Of The Points Which Might Guide You Further.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Is A Conventional Form Of Advertising Where The Marketing Is Executed Offline I.e. Without Using Any Electronic Gadget Or Technology And It Is Practiced Till Digital Marketing Came Into Picture.

The Basic Five Categories Of Traditional Marketing Includes

  1. Print (Magazines, Newspaper)

  2. Broadcast (TV, Radio)

  3. Direct Mail(Catalogues, postcards )

  4. Telephone (Telemarketing, Sms Marketing)

  5. Outdoor (Billboards, Fliers)

It's Definitely Appreciable That Traditional Marketing Has Evolved With Times And Had A Strong Impact In The Business. Furthermore, Traditional Marketing Is Based Upon Four P’s.

Product: It Is A Basic Necessity For An Organisation To Have Better Understanding Of The Product. This Will Give Rise To Effective Marketing.

Price: Price Is The Factor Which Depends On Other Components Like Supply, Demand, Profit, Margin Etc. Moreover, Cost Can Also Be Determined By How Well You Know The Product.

Promotion: Promotion Is All About Advertising Your Product To Attract Customers. This Promotion Can Be Any Form Of Marketing Strategy.

Place: Right Time And Correct Place Plays A Very Crucial Role When It Comes To Traditional Marketing. Whenever A Product Is Placed At The Appropriate Place There Are Higher Chances That It Will Convince The Large Scale Of People.

Pitfalls of Traditional Marketing

The Role Played By Traditional Marketing Is Commendable. But, We Can’t Ignore The Downside Of Traditional Marketing.

  • One Way Communication.

Make this Point Very Clear That Traditional Form Of Marketing Is The Medium To Inform People About Any Product Or Service. Here, A User Cannot Put His/Her Views. So, This Becomes One Way Communication And It Is A Drawback For An Organisation.

  • Higher Cost.

Traditional Marketing Is Definitely A Costly Option. As, When It Comes To Print Large Hoardings, Newspapers, Fliers, Posters Etc. It Becomes Very Expensive And Time Consuming.

  • Imperfect Campaign Method.

Campaign Methods In Traditional Marketing Are Not Effective. To Add Further, Here You Cannot Identify Where You Are Going Wrong And Did Your Hard Work Paid Off Or Not. This Reason Made Traditional Marketing A Less Efficient Option.

  • Cannot Be Updated Easily.

If You Are Choosing Traditional Marketing Be Aware To Be More Precise With Your Work. As It Becomes Very Difficult To Make Any Changes If Your Advertisement Is Out Of Printing. Additionally, If You Printed That Advertisement With Mistakes It Will Cost You A Lot.

Digital Marketing

As The Name Suggests Digital Marketing Is All About Advertising Your Product Or Service On The Internet Or On Social Media. It Is A New Age Marketing For The Global Kingdom. With The Help Of The Internet And Various Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter Etc You Can Achieve Bigger Milestones.

Some Convincing Points On The Unique Features Of Digital Marketing.

  • Real time result.

In Any Business Two Way Communication Plays A Crucial Role. As It Is Very Important For Any Business To Know Their Customer’s Response. This Can Be Easily Achieved In The Case Of Digital Marketing By The Number Of Visitors, Likes, Share, Comments Etc.

  • Quicker Publicity

Digital Marketing Is A Blessing When It Comes To Publicity. You Can Advertise Your Product With The Help Of Social Media In A Fraction Of Seconds. But, When You Consider Traditional Marketing Publishing And Printing Takes A Lot Of Time.

  • Non-Intrusive

Newspapers, Radios Are Made For The Purpose Of Delivering News. So, No One Will Buy Newspapers Just For The Purpose Of Looking At Advertisements. But, When It Comes To Digital Marketing You Have The Option Of Watching A Full Ad Or Skip It. Apart From This You Can Also Target A Group Of People In Digital Marketing.

  • Easy Analytics

You Can Easily Conclude From Various Factors Like Inbound Traffic, Conversion Rate, Interested Audience, Bounce Rate And Profit About Your Business. Like How Is It Doing In The Market? Whether The Audience Is Interested In Your Product Or Service Or Not.

Hence, The Choice Is Yours To Go For Traditional Or Digital Marketing Strategy For The Success In Your Business.

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