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Branding Vs Marketing


While setting up any business there are lots of new terminologies which you come across and it becomes very crucial to have knowledge about smaller things when it comes to achieving success in your business. Moreover, the most common words which you might encounter are branding and marketing. And most of the people are in dilemma of choosing marketing and branding.

Therefore, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of these terms. As proper and precise learning of these terms can lead to proper application which in turn can help in growth of your business.

What is Marketing?

Marketing means to promote your product, service or company using different strategies, tools, techniques and processes. In simple words, marketing means to connect with your customers and convince them to buy your product or service. Furthermore, your marketing strategies will keep on changing as per your product or service.

Additionally, marketing can be done by variety of online and offline methods. These methods include SEO, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing. On the other hand, some of the offline methods includes Television, Radio and print campaigns.

What is Branding?

On the flip side, branding is a marketing practice which helps you in giving appropriate shape to your brand. Branding is a one which contributes in defining your company. To be more precise, marketing is done to target some group of audience. but branding helps you to convert target audience to permanent customers. Hence, effective branding can help you to be unique and special from rest of the crowd.

To add further, logo design, brochure design, flyer design, Ad campaign, portfolio design and many more are the important aspects of branding. Overall, stronger branding is directly proportional to the success in your business.

Difference between Marketing and Branding

Now we have rough idea about branding and marketing, let us look at the difference between marketing and branding.

Marketing is used to promote your product using various strategies while branding shapes your product/service.

Marketing helps you to get customer’s attention while branding helps you to keep that attention for longer period of time.

Marketing is all about earning profits from your product or service. While, branding is winning customer’s heart by your loyalty and recognition.

Branding is always prioterised over marketing.

Branding has equal impact on both customers and your team. While, in the case of marketing it is not possible.

What comes first Branding or marketing?

After the detailed discussion on branding and marketing, let us look at the important part i.e., in order to achieve success in your business what come first? The answer of this question is branding. As, without branding there is no point of marketing. If your product is presentable then only you can do its marketing. In simple words, branding covers logo design, brochure design, flyer design and many more. And with the help of these things, you can attract customers by applying different marketing strategies.

In addition to this, A brand is a core of any business. As brand is all about winning customer’s hearts by your loyalty and honesty towards your product or service. Branding plays a key role in both freshly started startup or in the well - established shop. For example, if you have opened a startup recently, it becomes necessary to earn client’s satisfaction by providing best quality product to them. On the other hand, if you have famous food shop for years and many of your clients are your permanent customers then, it becomes your prime duty to provide the delicious food as per customer’s needs. Hence, in both these cases we can say that its all about the powerful branding strategies which can contribute to the success of your business.


To sum up, both marketing and branding plays their part for the betterment of your business. But the main thing is that its upon you to choose the right option at right time.

Remember that marketing will evolve as per your product and service but branding is going to be same forever. And effective branding is the key to the customer’s satisfaction. Hence make sure to do branding on regular basis.




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